Ocalić od zapomnienia

In order to preserve the memory of the thousands of nameless heroes who fought for dignity and Poland’s independence, we have created a project called Save from Being Forgotten. A video record of the memories of the people of Kraków about their lives between 1939 – 1956.
That’s our mission and their duty – to tell new generations about our common past.

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  • more Janusz Tomaszewski

    Janusz Maria Tomaszewski


  • more fiszer

    Józef Fiszer

    b. 1925

    Scout of Szare Szeregi. Soldier of the Home Army (AK).

  • more franaszkowa

    Dorota Franaszkowa

    b. 1925

    Nurse. Liaison officer of the Home Army (AK).

  • more mlynarski

    Marian Młynarski

    b. 1926

    Scout of Szare Szeregi.

  • more kolyszko

    Teresa Siedlar-Kołyszko

    b. 1929

    Scout of Szare Szeregi.

  • more ptak

    Stanisław Ptak


    Soldier of the Home Army (AK). Member of the League to Fight Bolshevism.

  • more ostafin

    Józef Ostafin


    MP. Soldier of ZWZ–AK. Member of WiN.

  • more munch

    Henryk Münch


    Soldier of ZWZ–AK. Archivist. Town planner.

  • more ecker

    Yanina Ecker

    b. 1932

    As a child saved by the Józefa and Tadeusz Latawiec.

  • more ikona wpisu wohlfeiler

    Rena Birnhack née Wohlfeiler

    b. 1927

    saved by Oskar Schindler

  • more niusia-glowne

    Bronisława Horowitz

    b. 1932

    Rescued by Oskar Schindler

  • more HENRYK-MELLER-foto

    Henryk Meller

    b. 1931

    Cigarette vendor from the Main Railway Station